0.52 Kilogramm "
SKU 51.96820-0276
Manufacturer MAN
Manufacturer part number MN51.96820-0276
Weight 0.52 Kilogramm

51.96820-0276, 51968200276 POWERBAND 4-3VX1379-OPTIBELT -MAN parts

New original MAN 51.96820-0276 POWERBAND 4-3VX1379-OPTIBELT online at ersatzio.com. Best price for new parts. Fast delivery, high product quality and best service.
Old price: 74,01 € excl. tax
Price: 69,04 € excl. tax 51.96820-0276 Ersatzio

Delivery time: 7-9 working days

51.96820-0276, 51968200276 POWERBAND 4-3VX1379-OPTIBELT

The part number is replaced by:
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