3.00 Kilogramm "
SKU 1313097C1
Manufacturer STOMIL SANOK S.A.
Manufacturer part number ss0263
Weight 3.00 Kilogramm

1313097C1 belt suitable for CASE IH Parts

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146,90 € excl. tax 146.89601 EUR 1313097C1
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1313097C1 belt

You can find belts (narrow section, wide profile, double sided, flat drive, classic, (normal profile) power bands, wrapped notched wide profile, small power V-belts), spare parts, components, replacement components, assemblies and accessories for farm machinery on the largest online marketplace in Europe - on Ersatzio.com. Belts "Harvest Belts" produced specially for the drive of agricultural machinery.

Note: 1313097C1 belt suitable for CASE IH Parts